Nuvostaq Oy

Nuvostaq is on a break

We still continue working with our existing clients.

Nuvostaq is a Tampere-based one-man software and consulting firm. We specialize in Web and Cloud technology development and design. In addition, we have extensive experience in multimedia algorithm design and implementation. We are able to implement also larger projects, including user interface and usability design, together with our partners.

Experience and background

We have experience especially in .NET and Java / Spring based server software implementation. We also have experience in web front-end development using modern HTML5 / JavaScript technologies and NodeJS.

We have long experience in audio signal processing algorithm design. Also image processing and OpenGL have become familiar.

BigData and data science are of great interest to us. Check the recent series of blog posts on Apache Spark for more details.

We have implemented mobile application on all major platforms using a HTML5-based implementation. We have native development experience in iOS using Objective-C and Swift, and also in Android.

We have worked with SQL databases and also with several no-SQL databases (e.g., Riak and MongoDB).

Additionally, we have long experience in working in an international corporation both in expert and technical leadership roles.

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  • Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, C#, Objective-C/Swift, C/C++
  • Databases: SQL, MongoDB, Riak, EventStore
  • BigData and data science: Apache Spark, R
  • Agile software development
  • Project management
  • Multimedia algorithms, Matlab
  • OpenGL
  • Messaging (RabbitMQ, NServiceBus)
  • Continuous integration, test driven development, Git version control
  • Contact info

    Emailcontact (at)
    Telephone+358 44 7261182